Automated Tire Storage

Lista Automated Tire Storage

Take your parts department's tire storage to the next level with our efficient automated tire carousels!

  • Fully motorized: for quick, easy storage and retrieval
  • Versatile storage: handles various tire sizes up to 32" in diameter
  • Large capacity: holds 147 to 352 tires, depending on tire size and carousel model
  • Ease of use: allows one operator to rotate carrier frames, locate desired tire sets, stop at proper position, and remove tires safely at floor level
  • Reduces the risk of injury: let the carousel do the heavy lifting
  • Maximize storage efficiency: maximizes floor space by fully utilizing your vertical storage space
  • Available in a number of preconfigured sizes: or we can custom-configure a carousel to your exact specifications

Tire Storage

Grow up. Utilize the full height of your space for added storage.


Lista Automated Tire Carousel

Easy to use controls. Everything is fully automated.

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