Large capacity. Small footprint. Ergonomic safety. The STAK System® has it all.

The storage and retrieval of heavy, bulky items has never been easier! With the STAK System®, one operator can efficiently manage loads weighing up to 4,000 lbs. – all in a footprint that’s as much as 70% smaller than fixed horizontal beam rack storage. No forklift needed! 

Based on a system of dynamically adjustable pallets (rather than fixed shelves) and a captive lifting and handling device, the STAK System helps maximize storage density by minimizing the vertical space requirements of each stored pallet and its contents. Saves valuable floor space, saves time, and boosts productivity... SAFELY!

Ideal for work-in-process, maintenance, tooling and fixturing, and supply and distribution.


Product Details:

STAK System® maximizes cubic space
Space savings
STAK System® with aisle
STAK System® is operated by just one person.
Manpower efficiency
STAK System® is easy and safe to use.
Ergonomic safety
STAK System® makes locating inventory easy.
Ease of retrieval and inventory control
STAK System® allows for precise load positioning.
Precise load positioning
STAK System® allows for fewer fork trucks.
Reduced use of fork trucks
STAK System® stores large items on safe, protected pallets, off the floor.
Product protection and security

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