The STAK System® is designed to be easily expanded incrementally as your storage needs grow. And with a long list of available options and accessories, your STAK System® can be designed to your facility’s exact requirements. 






Product Details:

4K STAK System (4,000 lb. capacity per pallet)
Variety of weight capacities
STAK System® with mid-aisle walk-through access.
Variety of configurations
HazMat STAK System®
HazMat STAK System®
STAK System® flow-through pallet.
Choice of pallet styles
STAK System® tire pallet.
Specialty pallets
STAK System® cantilever overhang.
Cantilever overhang
STAK System® safety mesh.
Safety mesh
STAK System® mast/column pallet locator.
Additional mast controls
STAK System® work-in-process cart.
Work-in-process cart

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