Divide and conquer for the highest density storage.

Do you require complete organization of drawer contents? Lista has everything you need. Lista drawers are subdivided using partitions, which divide the drawer into rows, and dividers, which define compartments within the rows. Lista drawers feature full-height sidewalls – and with our full-height partitions and dividers, you can use the entire cubic capacity of your drawers for the highest density storage. With slots located at 0.66" intervals, you have the greatest drawer subdividing flexibility in the industry.

Product Details:

Lista heavy duty drawer organizers & partitions
Slotted drawer partitions
Tech Drawer Pull
Tech Drawer Pull
Lista alumimun drawer dividers
Aluminum drawer dividers
Lista plastic box storage for small parts
Plastic boxes
Lista conductive plastic boxes
Conductive plastic boxes
Lista mesh liners
Mesh liner
Lista grooved tray tool storage
Grooved trays
Lista slotted grooved trays
Slotted grooved trays
Lista foam drawer liners
Foam drawer liners
Lista milling cutter holders
Milling cutter holders
Lista corrugated steel supports
Corrugated steel supports
Lista holding pins
Holding pins
Lista slotted tool support
Slotted tool support
Lista arbor holders
Arbor holders
Lista molded collet holders
Molded collet holders

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