Nobody puts it all together like Lista.

You have unique needs based on your industry, application and footprint. No off-the-shelf solution will do. That's why Lista offers a variety of ways to customize the storage cabinet you want.

Our Lista engineering and manufacturing teams will work closely with our sales partners to analyze your needs, and if necessary, modify our standard products to meet your special requirements.

Storage CabinetsBuild it your way with Lista's famous modularity: Lista storage cabinets are completely custom-configurable from size to color to base to top. In most cases, you can put together what you need, right down to drawer organizers. 

ListaWorks Design ServiceFree Design Assistance: Looking for highly-customized solution? Our free ListaWorks™ design service is what you need. Our designers will work with you to plan your individual workspace and storage needs, providing you with the specific storage solution to help you achieve the greatest productivity. 

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