Only Lista makes workspace work this hard.

Lista’s industrial storage cabinets are designed to improve your workspace and increase employee efficiency. Each of our steel cabinets features unique drawer construction, our exclusive suspension system, drawer capacities upwards of 400 lbs, and more.

Product Details:

Unique steel drawer construction
Unique drawer construction
Exclusive Drawer Suspension System
Exclusive drawer suspension system
Lista full drawer extension
Full drawer extension
Two drawer weight capacities
Two drawer weight capacities
PrevenTip® One-drawer-at-a-time safety system
One-drawer-at-a-time safety system
Steel drawers with full-height sidewalls
Full-height sidewalls
Lista storage drawer covers
Hinged drawer handle covers
Lista high density storage drawers
Customizable drawer layouts
Lista cabinet drawer dividers
Convenient drawer dividers
Steel storage cabinets with flush drawer handles
Flush handles
Storage cabinet locking system
Variety of locking systems

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