Tall Cabinets

Reach New Heights

Elevate your storage with the tallest cabinet we've ever made. The LISTA Tall Cabinet offers stable height in one unit to deliver flexibility and cost savings. It fits in with your existing configuration, so you can stack up storage space without widening the footprint.

Store Up, Not Out

You can store higher instead of wider in one housing with height options of 70 in, 76 in., and 82 in. That means faster installation and a simpler, more cost-effective ordering process than stacking two separate cabinets. This single cabinet system can house your ideal configuration in one, with doors and shelves where you need them.

Flex to Your Floor Space

Our new double hinge door design features an improved latching system with adjustment rail, allowing you 1/4 in. to 1/2 in. of flexibility to adjust to your environment and ensure door performance on uneven floor surfaces. This convenient capability comes standard on every Tall Cabinet unit.

View the Tall Cabinet Brochure to learn how our tall cabinets can help you save time, limit disruptions in your workplace and let you get back to more productive tasks.


Cabinet Combinations

Shelf Cabinet - No Doors

Shelf Cabinet - Full Doors

Drawer Cabinet - No Doors

Drawer Cabinet - Full Doors

Drawer Cabinet - Upper Doors

The Tall Cabinet Advantage

New door system provides added strength, improved functionality, and superior user experience.

A new intermediate panel that allows you to lock the drawers and keep the shelving open.

The Door Roller Latch System provides increased adjustability for opening and closing your doors.

Level your full height doors with ease using the adjustable rail system.

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