At Lista, we are committed to the environment.
  • Lista powder coating systemWe reduced VOCs (volatile organic compounds) by approximately 80% by changing to a powder coating system from a wet paint system.
  • With the change to powder coating, we reduced our natural gas consumption by roughly 25%, saving energy and reducing CO2 production.
  • We recycle our own water for our paint wash systems.
  • We replaced all lighting in the factory to high efficiency fluorescents, saving energy.
  • We use two high-volume low-speed fans in our assembly and drawer areas to keep cool in summer and better distribute heat in winter.
  • We continuously monitor heating / lighting / ventilation / compressor leaks to minimize energy use.
  • We continuously monitor steel scrap percentages, and work to decrease scrap, saving energy and resources for steel production.
  • We changed several of our larger motors to variable speed drives to save electricity.
  • We had window film installed on all exterior windows to save energy.
  • Conference rooms and other areas of non-continuous occupancy have automatic light switches.
  • All of our HVAC equipment is kept on regular preventive maintenance to maximize efficiency.
  • We use Lista storage and workspace solutions to minimize space requirements, thus saving floor space and energy.
  • Our dedication to the highest density storage and workspace solutions allows you to do more within a smaller building footprint. Typically, storage in Lista’s subdividable modular drawers allows you to fit more material in a given floor area than comparable shelving or bulk storage systems, reducing your total building size and helping you to earn points for minimizing building footprint.
  • Lista buys steel from several suppliers, who in turn purchase from various steel mills.  While exact recycled content for a specific item cannot be determined, the overall average as determined by the steel industry is 24.3% post-consumer and 9.4% pre-consumer recycled content.  Post-consumer + ½ pre-consumer = 29%. 
  • The regions of extraction and processing of the steel used for our products are in different regions located in Canada and the United States. The regions for products that are not composed of steel and those that we purchase and re-sell can vary.
  • Our wood composite and laminated wood tops are available without urea formaldehyde resins upon demand.

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