Eliminating waste and improving efficiency is always a Lista priority.

Lista International Corporation

Lista is at the forefront of lean manufacturing initiatives which help to eliminate waste, improve efficiency and create the highest-quality products available. Our value stream mapping process allows us to create a current state and future state, then utilize industry best practices to streamline manufacturing so that our customers receive their workspace solutions in an efficient, effective and timely manner. Throughout the lean manufacturing process, we incorporate our own workstations, workbenches, modular cabinets and storage products in order to maximize productivity and floor space.






Lista modular cabinets

Lista storage solutions also help businesses implement the 5S system by maximizing the available space and improving the overall organization of their facilities. The 5S system improves business operations by creating and maintaining a clean and structured work environment. Implementing a 5s methodology has a variety of benefits which include reducing part retrieval times and errors, improving safety, and lowering manufacturing costs. Read our 5s white paper to learn more about how Lista storage can help with your lean manufacturing initiative. 

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